Sunken Slab waterproofing

sunken slab water proofingSunken slab waterproofing is the best waterproofing solution for underground pipe leakage in kitchen, bathrooms and wash rooms. We are using  the modern waterproofing technology to avoid leakage problem. Build care waterproofing is the best waterproofing contractor in India. We are providing best services in reasonable price.

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Basement Waterproofing – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions

basement-waterproofingBasement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing services prevent   external water pressure. Basement waterproofing techniques are effectively solved the water damage problems in the basement foundation. Build care is the best basement waterproofing providers. They easy to solve any type of  basement waterproofing problems. This is because of they can choose good quality materials and tools for work.

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Sunken Slab waterproofing – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions

Sunken slab waterproofing is considered to be an important part in modern construction. Sunken slab waterproofing is essential for avoid the leakage problem. We are aware of the fact that the subject of waterproofing of sunken slab.

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When slabs are sunk to accommodate plumbing and sanitary services, they get embedded in the sunken area. This is due to the fact that the sunken portion is filled with light weight filler material, and then topped with a layer of concrete followed by floor tiling. Though modern construction techniques have many water-proofing solutions, there is always a possibility of leak especially due to poor workmanship.

Pressure Grouting Contractors | BuildCare Waterproofing

Get skilled & professional Pressure Grouting Contractors in Kochi through Build Care Waterproofing Solutions. Pressure grouting is the only measure to stop running water seepage due to negative pressure in concrete.

Pressure grouting is the process of raising sunken and deformed foundations by first applying hydraulic pressure and then filling voids with concrete grout. Build Care Waterproofing solutions provide expertise engineers to analyse the issue and solve the problem with their high quality equipment and services.


pressure grouting service

APP Bitumen sheet membrane water resistant roofing

APP Bitumen sheet

Bituminous waterproofing techniques are used to protect commercial and residential buildings, bituminous roofing is good for any type of buildings. Bitumen is a mixture made up of organic liquids. Those liquids have  sticky, viscous, and waterproofing properties.  These properties essential for a roofing material. So Bitumen can be used to make roofing sheets of top quality. APP Bitumen sheets are rich with bitumen. They have high water resistant and heat resistant capacity. Also it have an high expansion property and shows high stability  in any atmospheric conditions.

APP Bitumen sheets are rich in bitumen and hence highly water and heat resistant. APP Bitumen have anti-aging property and have very high life span.

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bituminous sheets


APP Bitumen membranes have anti-aging property and it will last for long years. It have anti-alkaline property also. It have resistance towards temperature and water. It shows high tensile property. so it shows high elongation and flexibility. So it can  adapts to the contraction or crack of the base. APP Bitumen sheets are dry, strong, smooth, and it have neat base too. It can last for so many years in any atmospheric conditions, because  it have high resistance to water and heat, that is the  advantage of APP Bitumen sheets.


Polyurethane floor coating – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions

polyurathane floor coatingAre you search best and quality products of waterproofing in Cochin? Choose  Build Care Waterproofing Ernakulam. Build Care offers a wide range of Polyurethane Floor Coating Services as per the demands of our valued clients.Build care water proofing solutions provides guaranteed water resisting services by usage of high-quality waterproofing materials and products to achieve better results for our customers.


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Anchoring Contractors in kochi for build care

Anchoring Contractors in Kochi

Now we are the most popular anchoring contractors in kochi, ernakulam for buildings care. Our company Build care  is also provide many features to customers are given below:

We have expertise technical hands in terrace waterproofing & roof waterproofing service and provide experienced and skillful persons in waterproofing solutions.

We have much skilled professionals for carrying out pressure grouting in sunken areas like underground water tank and sunken basement area.

We uses international standards best technologies in basement waterproofing methods.

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