Roof Waterproofing Contractors in Kochi, Kerala


Two years ago my house had a constant leakage problem. So i was really worried and distressed. At that time my friend suggested me build care roof waterproofing contractors. It really worked out. Now all the leakage problems have gone. Build Care company is the best roof waterproofing contractors in kochi. They find a solution for all kinds of  leakage problems related to roof and terrace.

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Epoxy Coating Contractors Kochi – Build Care Waterproofing


epoxy floor coating

Build Care is a well known leading Epoxy Coating Contractors in Kochi. We provide epoxy flooring & Coating administrations in an efficient way. Epoxy coating can give professional and high class appearance for your floor. Also, that will make the surface durable, weather resistance, chemical resistance and cleanliness.

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Anchoring Contractors Cochin – Build Care Water Proofing

Build Care Water Proofing is the best Anchoring Contractors in Cochin. It is an undeniable fact, that the best anchoring service must provide more security in the building. Build Care Water Proofing provides high quality and experienced technicians to anchoring.  Build Care Waterproofing protects your buildings and home through anchoring.

anchoring contractors cochin

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Basement Waterproofing Contractors Cochin- Build Care

Build Care waterproofing is the best Basement Waterproofing Contractors in Cochin. We have highly efficient & dedicated technicians to provide better result.

We offer services to prevent entering of water from external water pressure. Provides complete solutions for preveting all basement water leakage problems. We are well established Basement waterproofing contractors located in Cochin.

Top 3 methods of Basemet Waterproofing:basement waterproofing contractors

  1. Interior sealants and waterproofing
  2. Exterior waterproofing
  3. Interior and exterior drainage.




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APP Bitumen Membrane – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions

Bitumen membrane which is made up of liquids having high viscosity and non sticky in nature. These properties help the membrane to act as a waterproof.Bitumen membrane can be used as a roofing to prevent water leaks.It is also resistant to heat and any weather condition is one of the main advantage of these sheets.It provide a cooling effect inside the house even in summer.

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Anchoring Contractors Cochin – Build Care Waterproofing

Build Care Waterproofing is the leading company that provides Anchoring Contractors Cochin. Anchoring is done to build a highly secure building. The strong foundation helps the building to maintain a high stability and prevents the building from movements and damages.

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Crack Filling Contractors Cochin- Build Care Waterproofing

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Sudden changes in the climate leads to the damages in the buildings. Main things happens is the cracking in the walls and concretes.  Consequently the crack gets expanded and leads to severe damages . Build care waterproofing is the best crack filling contractors in Cochin. Don’t worry about cracks we are here to help you.