APP Bitumen sheet membrane water resistant roofing

APP Bitumen sheet

Bituminous waterproofing techniques are used to protect commercial and residential buildings, bituminous roofing is good for any type of buildings. Bitumen is a mixture made up of organic liquids. Those liquids have  sticky, viscous, and waterproofing properties.  These properties essential for a roofing material. So Bitumen can be used to make roofing sheets of top quality. APP Bitumen sheets are rich with bitumen. They have high water resistant and heat resistant capacity. Also it have an high expansion property and shows high stability  in any atmospheric conditions.

APP Bitumen sheets are rich in bitumen and hence highly water and heat resistant. APP Bitumen have anti-aging property and have very high life span.

Source: APP Bitumen sheet membrane water resistant roofing

bituminous sheets


APP Bitumen membranes have anti-aging property and it will last for long years. It have anti-alkaline property also. It have resistance towards temperature and water. It shows high tensile property. so it shows high elongation and flexibility. So it can  adapts to the contraction or crack of the base. APP Bitumen sheets are dry, strong, smooth, and it have neat base too. It can last for so many years in any atmospheric conditions, because  it have high resistance to water and heat, that is the  advantage of APP Bitumen sheets.



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