Epoxy Coating – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions

Epoxy Coating – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions


They are one of the trusted Epoxy Coating providers in Kochi, with a reputation of quick and efficient work done within the given time frame. They have a good customer satisfaction rate with friendly employers who take care in doing a good


 job as per the client’s requirements. Epoxy coating is the most durable finishing 

of your floor, it not only provides clean and gentle look for your floor but also provides protection to the floor as it is resistant to water and stains.

They provide customization of theme and colors for epoxy coating which the client can choose according to their interests. They are known for quick work done within the time frame given.




basement waterproofing contractorsThe service of Basement Waterproofing is that prevent the attack of water in a building, flats, home etc. by using external pressure. Nowadays we have seen many water leakage problems it will cause damage to our buildings.

Build Care Waterproofing Solution is a leading waterproofing solution contractor and also expert epoxy system specialists in Cochin, Kerala. We are providing complete solutions for all the waterproofing and water leakage problems. We are one of the best basement waterproofing contractors in Kochi. Build Care have highly efficient and dedicated technicians to conduct waterproofing solutions for your building. They are committed to assuring customer satisfaction and bears no compromise on providing efficient high-quality services.


Best Anchoring Contractors Cochin


Build Care Waterproofing Solutions is a leading company in Anchoring Service. This company provide several services like waterproofing, anchoring etc to protect the buildings from leakage and other damages.

Anchoring services

Anchoring is an important methods using in construction field in order to improve the security of the building. There are different types of Anchoring methods.  The Build Care Waterproofing designs & install anchoring methods like rock bolts, rock anchors, tiebacks, tie downs, earth anchors, soil nails, concrete anchors & post-tension tendons in buildings.


Build care Water Proofing services provider in Kerala

Build care water proofing

water proofing

Build Care water proofing services is one of the best Waterproofing solution in Kerala.It is located in Palarivattom, Kochi. Build Care water proofing solutions have Experienced professionals in water proofing solutions. There services include,

  • Terrace leakage
  • Rising dampness in wall
  • Basements and lift pits leakage
  • Expansion/ Building joint sealing
  • Floor joint sealing
  • Wall joint sealing
  • Wet areas
  • Planter boxes
  • Water retaining structure
  • Terrace garden waterproofing etc.

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Best Anchoring Contractors cochin-Build Care Waterproofing

anchoring contractors kochi

Best Anchoring contractors cochin

Build care is a leading Anchoring Contractors Cochin and expert epoxy system specialists in Kerala. We have highly efficient and dedicated technicians to anchoring.

A strong foundation is created to match the terrain and environment. The foundation provides stability and prevents extreme building movement to protect the building and its contents from damage. A professional survey of the land where the building will be placed is the starting point for designing a proper foundation

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Epoxy Coating Contractors – Build Care Waterproofing Solutions

epoxy coating waterproofing

Epoxy coating will protect the floor and make them strong and durable. It will act as a waterproofing mechanism to protect the underlying concrete. It provides a clean and gentle look to the flooring. Build Care is the best Epoxy flooring & coating service. We will protect your floor with our best and professional service. For getting more information about our service, you can follow this post.

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APP Bitumen Membrane Contractor and provider kochi

Buildcare waterproofingAPP Bitumen Membrane sheets are convenient for all types of building, Mainly we may also protect commercial and residential buildings . The roofing materia of Bitumen which is a mixture made by  the organic liquids having very highly sticky, viscous, and waterproof properties. Most important properties of Bituman membrain which is  high water resistant and heat resistans. For knowing more about our this product you can visite our page “APP Bitumen Membrane”.


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